Help with first VST3 instrument please ?


I have just downloaded from Arturia the VST3 for CS-80V but I can’t get it to open in Sequel 3. The standalone works fine, but it is not listed in my media bay in Sequel 3 as it is supposed to. I just read this in previous discussion;

“You install VST3 Plugin by double clicking on their installer. They then will be installed in the standard and defined VST3 location. This is also the location from which Sequel loads the VST3 Plugins. If your installer asks for a specific location and wants you to enter a VST path you most likely do not have a VST 3 Plugin.”

So, I have done all this, but no joy…can anyone help me please ? Ta…

mediabay is not for plugin “DLL” it"s for sounds / video / project / preset… not for software like VSTi soft !
And Arturia CS-80 is only VST 2 instrument not VST3 yet & Arturia don’t give the VST3 presets of their VST3 Plugins like oberheim & Wurlitzer!
simply look into your VST instruments list.