Help with Font Sizes

I set up a score after the exact wishes from an editor.
in Paragraph Style:
[Default Text - Size 12,0pt Staff-relative]
Title Font size 22 points absolute
and more absolute settings

Now I am producing a smaller sized score (half way between the big score and a pocket sized score), where the publishers wish is for the Font sizes to be around 60% (of the size in the big score).
I don’t want to mess up my settings, but where and how should I change this?
If I change the absolute Font sizes, how would I calculate 60 %?
22 points times 0,6 would be 13,2pt - or is this not how point sizes are calculated?
Thank you for a hint.

Yes, fonts scale exactly as you’ve calculated.

You’ll need to create new Paragraph Styles for Title, Header, etc, at 60% point values of the other ones. The problem will be that you can’t easily create new Font Styles, but if they all remain relative to the staff size, then that should be ok.

Thank you Benn, I will try this.

hmm, calculating font size by multiplying with 0,6 gives me too small fonts. I guess one has to calculate with the area a font uses and not just the height… May be my publisher gave me the wrong numbers. If the smaller score is 60% of the big sized one and I divide the height of the small score with the height of the big score I get a value of 0,81. This number looks much better…


I would like to go another route by changing font sizes back from Absolute Size to relative to Staff-relative Size.
I need a little help with putting in the right values:
My Space size is: Space size: 1.7 mm - 19.28pt staff=6.8mm staff

I have read that Dorico relates the font sizes to a staff of 7.05556mm

If I want a font to be 22pt at a 6.8mm staff, how can I calculate the font size I have to input into my Paragraph Styles as a Staff-relative size. I will probably have to input a higher font size there, how can I easily calculate this?

22 / 6.8 * 7.05 = 22.81
Try 22.8 - it’s probably the closest you can get.

thanks Leo, I had hoped you would answer :slight_smile:

Ok., in Paragraph Styles I have now changed my Title from 22pt Absolute Size to 22.8pt Staff-relative Size (my score has 6.8mm staff size). I go to Engrave mode, double click my Title and find the font size to be 22.8pt!
If I now go to my small score Layout (with the staff size of 4.2mm) I will still have this massive 22.8pt font in the Title…
Something does not work here…

Also there is a font confusion between the „Regular“ and the „Roman“ bit of my specific font, please see my screenshot. On my computer I have the Simoncini Garamond font installed in three Styles: Roman, Kursiv, Fett (which is Roman, Italic and Bold). Dorico - every time when opening this project - asks for the „Regular“ Style (which is Roman), strange.

Font confusion.png