Help with gain editing a selected range.

Hello! I am currently using cubase 10 LE, and looking to possibly upgrade as I feel LE might be too limiting.

One of the functions I am having a problem with is when I want to change the gain of a selected portion of a wave.

I select with the range selection and change the gain, then the entire wave not just the range selection gets raised or lowered.
Then I split the selected range, still same thing.
Lastly I cut our the part I want to change and put it in a different track and it still raises the gain of the track I’ve separated it from.

I know I can use automation, I’m just curious if I am doing something wrong or if this is a limitation with just the LE veriosn.

Thanks in advance!!

Hi and welcome,

How do you change the Gain? Do you use Direct Offline Process? If yes, make sure, you create a new instance of the file (New Version), once you apply the Direct Offline Process.

You can also use the Volume controller on the Audio Event.

Hello Martin! Thank you so much for replying. I wasn’t sure if anyone was going to!!!

I do change it with direct offline process. Sounds like I have a lot to learn. I’m not sure what create a new instance means of the file means. Also I will look for the volume controller on the audio event.

Are these features available on cubase 10 LE AI? this might be the deciding factor for me to finally upgrade.

Thanks again I’m going to work on it today and reply back. I really appreciate your time.


When you have multiple instances of 1 file in the project and you apply a Direct Offline Process, Cubase should ask you. Click “New Version”. THis will create a copy of the audio file and you will process the selected Audio event only.

If this message doesn’t appear, set it in the Preferences > Audio > Editing > On Import Audio File > Open Options Dialog.

Yes, the Volume Controllers, same as the Direct Offline Process (only Processes, not Plug-ins) are part of Cubase LE/AI.

AHHHHHH finally found out what you were talking about with the volume controller with the audio event.

Man that took some time, but thank you so much I am a newb but really enjoying using cubase.

Your second suggestion lead me directly to learning how to do what I was trying to do.

Thanks so much I really appreciate the time you spent to reply and help me out on this. You are a blessing!!!

I’m having a similar problem in Cubase 10 Pro, so thought I’d post here rather than make a new topic.

I’m trying to manually de-ess a vocal track (single instance) with the Gain function under Direct Offline Processing. I’m using the range selection tool to pick the sibilances in the track, then click Audio menu | Processes | Gain and adjust from there.

For the most part this works as expected, but then sometimes (from what I can tell) randomly the gain processing is applied well outside the limits specified by the range selection, so it then e.g. turns the gain of several words down, rather than just an initial Sss.

I can’t ascribe a pattern to it (either to when it happens, or to what audio will actually be processed instead of the selected range), but it’s ruining my workflow. Anyone have any ideas?

I would suggest to use a de-esser… even as DOP possible

Thank you, but de-essing was really just given as an example of the problem I’m having (getting DOP to apply to the correct range), which I’m assuming is a bug/glitch, but hoping someone can tell me otherwise.

I have the same issue when using DOP Gain processing for other reasons (e.g. levelling out recorded audio in order to get more consistent results when feeding it into a wideband compressor). I find I get better results by manually adjusting some things, but it already takes a lot of time without the problem I’m encountering.