Help with Generic Remote and Axiom Air 32 mini

So I have been perusing tutorial videos and forums trying to figure what’s going on in the generic remote and my little Axiom controller here.

The Axiom Air has 8 faders and apparently 3 or 4 fader banks you can toggle between using a button right next to the faders.
The generic remote has not been consistent with how it “learns” these faders, and only seems to acknowledge two separate settings of the toggle rather than all 4.
Also, I’m not sure what is best to set in the midi input/output drop downs. Indeed, it doesn’t seem to matter at all what I select in these dropdowns, since “learning” controls and my controllers effect on vst instruments and such doesn’t seem to change whether I select “All midi inputs,” my device’s midi in, or my devices hypercontrol. Again, there seems to be no difference between these anyways.

I have been able to sort of set some faders to specific vst device functions, but the full potential of this controller seems unrealized due to the lack of differentiation in the fader banks. Also, I haven’t seemed to be able to detach fader knobs from other controls they may randomly effect in a given vst instrument. What’s more, the generic remote seems to randomly stop recognizing all the midi outputs given by the axiom at some point during use.

Perhaps changing fader banks only actually affects the first couple of faders, setting them to volume, pan, and some other generic effect…but that still doesn’t seem to create any differentiation on those particular knobs when the generic remote is “learning”

Also, the octave functions on the controller doesn’t seem to ever actually affect playing range on any vst instrument, as I’d very much like it to. It, instead, seems to always affect the pitch bend and mod wheel.

Lastly, I can’t seem to undo any changes I’ve made in the generic remote. I’ve tried removing the generic remote and adding a new one, but all previous changes are still present in it. I can import the one export I have made, but it has changes I’d like to remove (some accidentally deleted controllers that I cannot add back and such)

So, yeah, if anyone can point me in the right direction, or give me any pieces of advice, I would greatly appreciate it.
I’ll be scouring M-Audio forums too, looking for answers.

I’ve worked out numerous of these problems. The octave issue was a setting on the controller itself.
There is a notable difference between using the controller in midi mode and as a hypercontroller. The later is fairly peculiar in Cubase 8, and I’m trying to figure out how to gain more control of the fader controllers. I have figured out how to reassign pads (for drums and such) and have gained some cursory control over various VST instruments with the faders.

Still want to know:
How to reset generic remote settings.
How to change the assignment of a fader without retaining its previous function.
Why what is supposed to be a volume fader in hypercontrol mode now selects different tracks instead of anything else I might want it to do.

There is seriously scant information about this online, and folks who have worked it out are strangely tight-lipped on the matter.

How did you re-assign pads? I cannot find anywhere how to do this. The pots all work but I cannot get the pads started and now even the piano keyboard does nothing i.e. no music.
I would really appreciate finding out how to set this up…!

I have a similar sort of issue with nanokontrol studio.
Switched to ‘cubase mode’ NKS operates the channels and transport nicely EXCEPT the faders also move the pitch up and down.
Not very useful. Am I doing something stupid?

I took a look at Cubase/Studio/Studio setup/MIDI Port Setup
nanoKONTROL Studio 1CTRL is listed there as a Windows MIDI input.
I unchecked: In ‘All MIDI Inputs’ and the erratic behaviour stopped. No idea why.