Help with gram changes

I have 3 midi tracks set up (one stings, one piano and one bass) and I am trying to send a program change to Cubasis to select track one when I need strings , or track 2 when I need piano etc. Is this something Cubasis is capable of doing ? If so, can I get get help on what bank man, and program in need to use to accomplish it ? You help is greatly appreciated.


Hi Richard,

Please refer to the Editors/Key Editor section in the Cubasis in-app help (please scroll down to “Parameters”), to learn more about the available MIDI CC options in Cubasis.

Here is the direct link to the chapter in the additional online version of the Cubasis help: Key Editor

Hope that helps!


I’m trying to read between the lines of your post, and get a handle on what you are asking. It sounds like you have set up three midi tracks with separate instruments, and you are perhaps using an external keyboard to input to those tracks and you would like to select which track you are recording to from that keyboard - is that the case?

Hi Richard, Hi wigglelights,

If that’s the case, this is not possible with Cubasis as of yet.


Ya. Trying to send a program change from bandhelper to change the instrument in Cubasis2 at the start of a song. So if I need strings for one song, bandhelper would change the Cubasis2 instrument to Violin, if the song needs the keyboard sound, bandhelper woudl have Cubasis2 to piano.
If this can’t be done, anyone know of other software that can ?

Thanks for your prompt reply.

I am not familiar with bandhelper but it looks kinda cool.
According to the link Lars sent, Cubasis’ internal instrument do not respond to program change. As great as Cubasis’ instruments sound, and as it seems you are looking for a live keyboard module, you may want to look at something like SampleTank.
The question is whether or not bandhelper supports core midi - I.e. Can it send PC to an another app on the same device.

A possible workaround option (with the caveat that I use Cubasis as a recording platform and not live) and not using bandhelper;
Set up your tracks with the desired patch, give each track a significant name, and use the record enable buttons to turn the sounds on and off… this needs to have the Setup/MIDI/MIDI input only for armed track turned on…

Thanks for the reply. I will check out SampleTank.

And to answer your question about Bandhelper, yes it can send PC changes to anything that is can receive PC changes. It can send them when the song opens, or delayed , send to multiple locations at once…etc… Its a VERY awesome and powerful software. I have only discovered it a month ago. It also sends DMX lights controls…etc…