Help with Halion Sonic SE // locking Cubase 6.0.7- Solved

Just exploring Cubase 6 more and want to mess with Halion Sonic SE.
When I try to start it, it basically locks my Cubase. It’s like it’s trying to load it, but can’t get over some hump.
I’m running Cubase 6.0.7 64 bit on Win7 with 12 GB RAM.
I just loaded the 1.6.3 SE update with no change.
All the other synths load up fine.
Any ideas or suggestions in getting it to work properly?

The truth is, loading of HALion Sonic SE is too long. I don’t know why… But it should lock (freeze) your computer. Is it complete freeze? How can you solve this, Is there only one option: Ctrl + Alt + Del? Or it starts work in few seconds/minutes?

A freeze or very long loading time is not normal behaviour.
Can you try to deinstall Halion and install it again?

Problem solved.
Ironically it was a USB License key issue.
I moved it from the USB3.0 slot to a USB2.0 slot on my PC and it solved the issue.
Not sure if it was the USB3.0 vs 2.0 or just the different slot that solved the issue.
I would like to give kudos to Steinberg support.
I opened a ticket and they acutally called me, set up an appt and remoted into my computer.
They even had US based support (for us living in the US).
They guy I worked with was helpful and, while he didn’t have the answer, he did suspect a license key issue and asked me to try a few simple things. Those things didn’t solve the issue, so, based on his suspicion, I moved the License key and that solved it.

Oh, USB 3.0! Lots of music devices is not prepared for USB 3.0 yet. But I’m surprised, the eLicenser also doesn’t work. :-/