Help with including score extracts within front matter


I need to create a page with score extracts explaining the symbols I have created and used in the score. Is there an article with advice on this? I have tried inserting frames into a blank page but I am forced into using parts of the score - it is not independently editable.



Hi Rachel,

You can add parts of the score into your page by exporting them as Graphic Slices. Your page will be a mix of Text and Graphic Frames.

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You could add flows to the project that you use to display specific notations, separately from the main piece.

If you then don’t want those “notation flows” to appear automatically at the end of layouts, remove them from the MA frame chain (or whichever frame chain is on your Default page template).

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You might also consider starting and working within a Custom Page Template rather than a blank page so you could export the Page Template Set to future projects. Adapting a Page Template in a future project could save you time down the road.

Sure. It’s there in my Page Template Sets, although as I prefer to put together front pages outside of Dorico and import them as PNG’s, it’s really just a L/R full page Image box.