Help with installing Dorico

I have purchased, downloaded and installed Dorico Pro 3.5 (Crossgrade version). I have also downloaded and unzipped the Sounds Installer which is also in my Downloads folder. From this point on I would like some clarification of the next steps as follows:

  1. The Sounds Installer includes HalionSonic SE. I already have HalionSonic SE in Cubase Pro 11, do I need to reinstall this so it will run in Dorico? If so, do I run the HALionSonicSE.msi file or the Setup.exe file?

  2. The VST Sounds directory under the additional content for HalionSonic SE includes folders for Halion Symphonic Orchestra and Olympus Micro. However, the Steinberg Download Assistant lists both of these also as separate products listed under VST Instruments and Plugins. I presume these latter are not the ones advertised as included with Dorico.

  3. Once everything is installed I presume I can delete the original downloaded files in my Download folder.

Sorry if I’m asking obvious questions but I like to make sure of things before continuing.

The installer will not duplicate any existing content, but will add content that is additional to what you get in Cubase. So install everything.

Yes, delete the installers after use (or archive them to another disk.)

I have just installed Dorico but when I open it I cannot add more than 2 players, it simply locks the option to ‘add player’.
I have tried to create a new player with ensemble only but it does not allow me to add ensemble into a new project.

Many thanks.

Have you authorized the pro version with the eLicenser Control Center?


Hi Jesper.

Yes I did.

Did you happen to hold down alt/option or the command button when you launched Dorico? Does it say Dorico Pro if you click the About Dorico in the Dorico menu?


Or even simpler: do you see “Engrave” as one of the boxed panels along the upper left side?

It says Audio Engine version…which is quite strange. I didn’t hold down anything while launching Dorico, I simply followed the video on how to download and start using dorico.

Regarding ‘engrave’, no I can’t see it anywhere.

Thanks, benwiggy,

So do I also download and install the separate Halion Symphonic Orchestra and Olympus Choir Micro from the VST and Plugins Page in the Download Assistant, or are those the same as those included in the HalionSonic Installer?

It’s clearly the free version and not Pro. The installer is the same I think so it has to have something to do with the e-Licenser. Are you sure that you entered the activation code you got when you bought it into the e-Licenser control center? Should look like this if correct:


Yes = everything is as it should be in the eLicenser. I downloaded everything listed under Dorico Pro 3.5 in the Download Assistant and Dorico Pro is registered and listed in my Steinberg Account.

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The Sounds installer should be enough, I think. You can always add other components later if they’re missing.

Thanks again, benwiggy. Your prompt support is much appreciated. :+1: