Help With Korg M1 VST and Midi/Instrument Track

Hey, I’m a bit new at this… here is my problem.

I’m imported a MIDI track into cubase from a Guitar Pro file in order to process some instrument through VSTs.

When I try using the KORG M1 plugin/VST on a piano track for example (assinging it to the output of the instrument track that cubase gave me after importation) no sound comes out.

But when I move the MIDI information of the imported track, to a new instrument track,with same output configuration (Same VST) it sounds.

Is there a problem with the imported midi information? Because it only happens with the M1 plugins, but when I try other VST on the same track, they all work fine. (MS20 for example)

I’m using Cubase 5, and Korg Legacy VST.

Sorry for my bad english and if you requiere, I could post images or anything. (If anyone speaks spanish and would be willing to help, could be awesome :stuck_out_tongue:)