Help with latencymon

Hi. I’m getting occasional spikes and trying to diagnose the problem.

I’ve been trying to run latencymon whilst cubase is running to see if I can catch one but running latencymon causes Cubase to spike and drop out like crazy. Soon as I stop the monitoring process, cubase returns to normal.

Running DPC latency checker is no problem at all.

Any ideas?

Cubase 9.0.20, Windows 7 x64.

RME 9632

This normal behavior. Latencymon puts a lot of stress on the system and is meant to run on it’s own to determine if your system is capable of processing real-time audio and other intensive tasks and if not to give you information on what device drivers or processes might create the issue. Running Cubase at the same time is like doing a hard disk benchmark while copying data to it at the same time.

Thanks for explaining :slight_smile: