Help with Master Buss

Cubase 7 came with an example project file called “Lucky 7”, in this project there is a Master Buss setup under “Input/Output” Channels which all the other tracks are routed to. This enables EQ and effects to be applied to all tracks. My simple question is how do I add this to my project? I have been trying to find out for some time!

You hit its “write” button in the mixer.

Are you talking about your main outs?

Your master output channel?

Not sure what you mean, It seems as if you can’t find it? Maybe it’s hidden in the channel visibility panel?

I’m not sure if I understand your question correctly, but I think you might be talking about a Group Channel.

You can highlight a bunch of tracks or all if that is what you are trying to do in the mix console and then by right clicking select “Add Group Channel to Selected Channel”.

All your tracks are automatically routed to the group track and you can add Eq and Compression to all your tracks by inserting your effect/s on the Group Channel. This is how I understand your question, but I might be wrong.

Of course you can do the same on the master fader but in that scenario all your tracks will be affected going to the master output. With the Group Channel you can process just your drum tracks for example or just your guitar tracks.

Hope this helps!


Hi I’ve used the group channel feature previously, I think you’re right that this will do the same as the “Master Buss” in the Cubase demo - eg allow me to apply EQ and effects across all tracks prior to mastering - but just wanted to check I’m not missing something obvious…thanks!

Geez Louise! This thread is filled with more misinformation than a Bernie Madoff financial report!

Thinkingcap’s response is the correct answer to the OPs question: Open the mixer and click on the Write button of the main output.

You can also click on the All Tracks Write button at the top of the track list for the same result.

When starting a track there is automatically and master bus (stereo out), maybe you do not see them due to configuration options? Anyway there is always a master out!

He is talking about an automation track in the project window, not a channel in the mixer.

Hi Steve,

Please correct me if I am wrong, but how does engaging write automation on the stereo out relate to his question?

The way I understood his request is that in the demo session tracks are routed to one track and that he wants the same when creating a new session.

The master out is present by default when creating a blank session and all the tracks created subsequently are automatically routed to it as well. That being said, I wouldn’t think that he was asking about the stereo out.

“Zero 7” has 6 group channels in the session with various tracks being routed to their chosen stereo group channels. GA Drums, Drums, Bass, Guitar…etc.

I’m I missing something?

I could be wrong.


Ach so, meine falt! Ok didn’t read it thoroughly :blush:

It creates automation tracks for the input and output in the project window. The name of the folder created defaults to “Input/Output Channels”. Also, in that particular tutorial project file, the automation track for the stereo output is named “Master Buss”.

That’s how I know what he was asking.

and was answered in the second post!!!

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Hey Steve,

Thanks for the reply! I understood he wants to have his tracks routed to a single channel so he can eq or apply fx to them ,all regardless if there is automation in the session or not.


Yep it was the first response to my question, that worked like a charm


this one…