Help with Master Pages Needed

So, I am currently making a hymnal score.
I need it to where the composer, lyricists and the tune and stuff are in the bottom, but I have no idea on how to work with the master pages in order to do that, because when I try to edit, it always makes the music disappear. How do I make a custom master page and apply it to the score without making everything disappear?

Are you creating a music frame on the new master page? If the page has no music frames it will not display any music. It should end up looking something like the (very crudely done) attached, and then you can apply it when needed.

Ellen Rafters,

When you edit the master page, the music disappears. Edit it to your liking, apply, and close. You will also need to remove any page overrides (look for a red triangle on the corner of the page number icons on the top right corner of the screen).

Well, I got it figured out, but I have a new issue. If I make an edit to the fist master page, then It’s not applying to the first page of the document.

Two possible things I can think of.
You have a page override (See Dan’s post above).
You didn’t copy the left-hand layout to the right-hand layout. (In the MP editor, look for the L->R icons at the top).