Help with Mastering in Wavelab 4

I have a small in house recording studio. I record into Cubase SX a music backing track using my Yamaha PSR 3000 digital key board. Plus 2 vocals and a guitar track. A total of 3 tracks. When I am finished and very pleased with the mix, I export my mix into Wavelab 4. I want to have a finished product to burn to a CD. Can someone give me some preset settings to the finished product that will give me full finished volume on the CD so I don’t have to turn the volume up so high just to hear it on my car stereo.


Since it sounds like your mix file is quite low, the easy way to just safely raise the level would be to make a copy of your mix file (just a normal file copy in Windows Explorer), open the copy in Wavelab 4, select all (ctrl-A), and apply normalize (menu Processing/Normalize). That will bring the level up. Save the file, put it in a montage, run the CD wizard, and burn a CD.

Hi there, I appreciate your prompt reply. I did what you suggested. I normalized the copy and it brought up the play level Is it possible to bring the level up even more? I still have to turn the volume up on my stereo to here the track at the same level any other store bought cd has. Within reason of course, without degregating the sound itself.


Strap a limiter / Maximizer across the output as the last VST. Some, like the Waves L2 allow dithering and can be used instead of WL’s dither in the render section. Izotope Ozone is also a great mastering plugin with may presets…