Help With Midi Remote mapping


I am migrating my old generic remotes over to the new system and there is a function I can’t find- maybe someone can help?

Specifically, I want to EDIT AN INSERT
I have two in the Control room section I want to be able to call, and one in the main section.
In the generic remote it was here:

But I can’t find it in the Function Browser, and when I try to directly enter it, nothing happens

I can BYPASS the insert, but not pull up the edit window.

Am I missing something?
Or are there really functions in the Generic Remote that are not supported in the new MIDI map?


the new MIDI Remote isn’t yet on feature parity with the Generic Remote. So you can just keep on using the Generic Remote for the time being.

How Do I toggle show/hide a Plugin using Midi Remote? - #7 by Martin.Jirsak

waaah, ok thats fine.
Thanks for not telling me I’m crazy.

maybe just a little lazy (for not searching for previous answers) but not crazy :wink:

Sheeet I will stipulate laziness any time.

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