Help with mono recording

Hey everyone.

I’m new to Cubase and have an audio question.

I have just recorded a MONO acoustic guitar track. When I check the stereo field it has everything going to the left and the phase is down the middle at 0 in StereoToolV3. When I reduce the width to zero in StereoToolV3 I get an actual mono signal and the phase is at +1. I’m not sure why I have to do this to seemingly get an actual mono track from a mono recording…Every other DAW I’ve worked in has automatically had the track going straight down the middle and at +1 phase but it seems I have to force my mono recordings with StereoTools to actually be mono.

Is there any chance I have something set up incorrectly in my VST Connections? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Still trying to wrap my head around everything in this DAW. Thanks!
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Did you set up a Mono Input in VST Connections and choose it as the Input for the track?

If your Vst connections are set correctly, try recording your mono source to a stereo audio track. It will still record a mono file but stereo vst’s will work better.

For me, I never record my mono sources to mono audio tracks because of the above noted issue.

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Prock, I mean you no disrespect and I´m not going to get into an argument but I often see you post on here about recording mono onto a stereo track.
If it works for you fine but this is bad advice (for a number of reasons) to be giving to newbies at recording.

You have recorded a mono signal onto a stereo track from a stereo input, not a mono track Record mono signals on mono tracks, or as Prock says, recors mono input busses to a stereo track.

Record mono sources to mono tracks, when you want to use true stereo effects route to stereo groups or send to stereo effect channels.


It’s just a suggestion that users can try (or not).
I really am interested to know your (and other users) thoughts on this matter. I’m going to start a pro/con discussion of this topic in the Stenberg Lounge. I hope I learn something and hope you chime in.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Yes, I will gladly chime in my friend. I´m on a different time zone to you so will try and give you my reasons tomorrow.

Hey Prock. That was exactly what I needed to do. I just came back to this forum post about three months later and had actually started doing this a few days after the post I made. Glad to know I wasn’t going completely crazy trying to use a “mono” track. :laughing:

Just in case anyone sees this thank you for the help everyone! I did figure out what to do a couple of days after posting this question. I figured I would have gotten an email saying people replied. I appreciate everyone’s time. Cheers!