Help with Motif XF6 audio connections.

I need help with Motif XF6 audio connections. After the move to Cubase 10 (W10) and period of recording inactivity, audio recording from Motif XF6 doesn’t work.
Instrument tracks record and replay and video track plays audio OK
but audio record from the XF doesn’t work

Input bus Yamaha Steinberg FW ASIO device, port MOTIF XF6 Main L/R
output bus Stereo out Yamaha Steinberg FW ASIO device, port MOTIF XF6 Main L/R
In remote devices I have input and output set as ‘MOTIF XF6 Main’
There is signal activity from the XF in the ‘midi in’ signal indicator but none in the
In W10 Sound control panel ‘line in’ and ‘speakers’ are set as Yamaha Steinberg FW WDM Audio

It’s probably something simple but after the upgrade the audio connections had disappeared. Suggestions please!
Windows 10 Pro, with Intel i7, 32GB RAM, 250GB SSD, 8TB HDD,

Midi trough in cubase enabled? Is the little “monitor” button (the little speaker icon) pressed?

HTH, Ernst


Do you use Instrument Tracks? Or MIDI Tracks routed back to Motif XF6? In this case, do you have an Audio track with Monitor switched On, here?

Thanks for these suggestions, regrettably the problem looks to be in another galaxy. The FW driver has apparently become uninstalled and in W10 services the windows installer says it is running but is greyed out. This means that any attempted install fails. Correcting this is I guess off the page for this forum, though any pointers to relevant intelligence would be welcome.
Thanks again

HI you,
sorry to read that - but maybe I can help you still (I run Cubase and a Motif XF8 with the Yamaha FW-Driver):
How do you see that the FW driver has become uninstalled? Did you have a look into the windows device manager? (the “installed apps” page is not always telling the truth).
What is great out when you run the Driver-Installer?
HTH, Ernst