help with Multi Aria player linking one instance.

hello all, and first happy holidays to all. And, thanks all for your patiences as this area of DAW is QUITE new for me.
Before I get started I realize this is just a general forum, but not too sure where the help section is for newbies as I just started with Cubase 9 pro a day ago or so… but still need help.
And here my goal(s)
-To link Garritan sound Multi Aria player as ONE instance, therefore I can use all 16 tracks.
What I can do:
load Garritan and the software’s do connect, but for each track Aria loads separately. therefore channel one is the default. i.e. 3 tracks=Aria popping up a total of three times.
what I have done:
-tried switching midi channels to correspond for each track
-gone to garritan web site to read up on this
-reading manual as of recent
-will try youtube and FORUM!!
I am confused with:
-midi vs instrument track and how route correctly…not sure if I should worry about busing…

thank you all and I hope for 2017 I will be less ignorant! jj

Hope to be less ignorant in 2017!

thank you all for ANY help!!

There are several ways to do what you want. Because you are new to DAWs I’m going to recommend the approach that is basically the most straightforward & easiest.

First in the ARIA player the “multi” version does not refer to the ability of the player to play multiple instruments at once. Both versions of the player can do that. Instead the multi version can create multiple stereo audio outputs in the MixConsole.

However to start off I’d suggest that you create a new Instrument Track for each instrument or section you want to play. So one Instrument Track each for cellos, 1st violins, 2nd violins, solo violin, etc. as needed. You can still use the multi version of the ARIA player to work this way (I do), or the non-multi is fine too. This way you don’t need to be concerned with midi channels and you will automatically create an audio channel for each instrument in the MixConsole.

You can set it up to have one instance of ARIA playing 16 different parts, like you ask about. But that’s more complicated to setup & manage (as you’ve discovered) and most of the time doesn’t offer any benefit. Once you are comfortable using 1 Instrument Track per instrument then you might explore using multi-timberal VSTi’s (as VSTi’s that can play multiple instruments at once like ARIA or Halion are called). But it’s fairly likely you’ll never need to. There are several very detailed threads on the forum discussing the nuances of single instruments vs. multi-timberal (and the very related Instrument vs. MIDI Track), but be warned those are jumping into the deep end of the pool.

Good luck.

ok, thanks. and thanks about the deep end of the pool. I was worried about have 15 different windows open for Aria as my computer can handle it, but I often work on my computer at school which is not that powerful.

lastly what about mix down? having all those instances might affect the performance? (so I have heard)

thanks for your thoughts and time. Jim

No running 5 instruments in 5 instances only uses marginally more resources than 5 instruments in 1 instance. And even then it’s not straightforward (but we’re drifting towards the deep…). What consumes the bulk of the resources are the number and complexity of the instruments, not how they are grouped together. If you start to get close to running out of resources (you probably won’t with ARIA) do a Render in Place to create an Audio Track from the VSTi & then disable the Instrument Track(s). Also once you’ve loaded and configured an instrument in ARIA (or any VSTi), you can close its Window which doesn’t need to be open to play.

How many Tracks do you anticipate using?

FYI we encourage folks to put their system specs in their signature. Makes it easier to offer advice knowing what folks are using.

I hope I can show it in 1 screenshot. I don’t have Aria but use Symphonic Orchestra to stay on topic.

Inserted as a Rack Instrument.

The green shows the instrument the midi channel is connected to.
The blue shows the midi channel number.
The red shows the audio output and where to activate them.
Multi channel.jpg

I would like to use 16tracks, but could work around that. in the future will need more due to percussion.

got it, about the signature thing, thanks. for now the basics: win. 10, 64 bit, I7, 1 TB SSD, 24GB ram

ok. is it that easy? your screen show is quite helpful.thanks

Oh, 16 tracks should not have resource issues on any vaguely modern PC. The folks here doing sound for video regularly use hundreds of tracks just fine - of course they do buy extra beefy systems.