Help with Plugins - What does it do this? [Screenshot incl.]

I just got my Cubase Artist 6 this week so I was just messing around with a few things and I realized that some of the plugins, once I select them, it gets inserted in the channel but it’s disabled.

If I’m trying to edit as the track plays, I can’t because the plugin is not applied as it’s playing. Once I close the plugin window after I initially opened it, I can’t even open it again because it’s “disabled”. I can’t even get rid of it!

Funny thing is, if I select ANOTHER TRACK, then those plugins are enabled and applied as the track is playing. So if I go back and choose that channel, the plugin is disabled again.

I tried to figure out maybe there’s a pattern… but there isn’t. Some Waves plugins work, some don’t. Some stereo plugins work, some don’t. Same thing with mono plugins. What’s going on??

nevermind - upgrading to full version solved everything…

Interesting… so we still don’t know if it is a bug in Cubase 6 Artist, or if you just had a bad installation.
Maybe someone else with Cubase 6 Artist could try to repro the original report?

Check the manual on the “constrain delay compensation” function…!? Sounds like it could be the “problem”