Help with project track set up please


I have a sack full of projects (one song per project) for an eventual 12 song CD. No effects, just raw.

I have noticed that they have been set up very differently in as much as some have Hats on Track 1, Guitar1 on Track 5 etc whilst others will have these on other tracks.

They will all be taken to another studio for a mix and I was wondering to make it easier (less costly for them for studio time), would it be better that they

  1. All be set up the same,(all have guitar1 on Track2, Hats on Track7 or whatever) and stay as separate projects or

  2. All transferred to one project once they are aligned as above.



Watch this Waves MasterClass video on YouTube with Chris Lord Alge,
It will tell you all you need to know about organizing and preparing your projects for professional mix or studio transfer