Help with question about VST's

Hello all,
Firstly, I’m in the market for a good DAW and have been attracted to Cubase over and over again but haven’t actually bought it yet because I don’t know the answer to this question. Secondly, I’m very new to this stuff. The reason I need a DAW is because I am going to be working with one of my mentors to create mock-ups of my orchestral music. We want to be able to work remotely and to have fluidity in our workflow, which led us to this question. Currently, he’s working with Logic on a Mac, which I don’t have (PC user). Since I will be doing most of the actual mocking-up, I was thinking about splurging on some higher quality plugins, like EW or something… Anyways, my question is this: If I create a mock-up in Cubase using EW plugins then will I be able to export my MIDI tracks to a file form that he will be able to load on Logic with the same basic instrument tracks albeit his own plugins and thus have an approximation of what I had that is more or less the same thing but with different plugin sounds? It just has to be a decent approximation. He actually might get Cubase too if I like it and if it may reduce our trouble while working remotely.
Whew… Thanks a million, any enlightenment is greatly appreciated!

Yes! but…
It will really sound different, it is not possible to show your mixing skills, but you can judge melodies and harmonies and arrangement.
You will have to name the tracks clearly so he will know what sounds to connect. This will not be easy unless you have the same sampler and soundset and can exchange a preset. This will work with Kontakt by NI, not sure about others.
If he has Cubase and the same plugins it will be dead easy… and sound identical.

IMHO you really don’t need full cubase for this, Elements will do AFAICS. Then you can get 2 cubases for cheap and you will only need the same sounds. If you want advice on that, be very precise in what you want and need!

The majority of Orchestral Libraries support both VST (Cubase) & AU (Logic) plug-in formats.

So if you both buy the same packages and use the same patches they should sound the same on your different systems.

You are right, for some reason I imagined different packages…