Help with Reconforming workflow?

Hello I was hoping someone could help me out with this. I received and mixed an AAF from a Premiere Pro editor a couple days ago. I was just informed there have been some changes in the video that will require me to update the mix. The editor just sent me a new updated AAF.

Do I need to request an EDL from the editor? One EDL from the old sequence, and one EDL from the new sequence? Is there anything special he needs to make sure to do when exporting these EDL’s from Premiere?

Once I have what I need from the editor, and I have my Nuendo session open, is it basically as easy as dropping in the old and new EDL in the reconform window, and it will then move my audio clips around to match the new one? Is that how it works?

Any info would be most appreciated! Thank you!

Yes, you need old and new edl files, and old and new video files.
Nothing special must to be done in premiere, simply export EDL.
It only works reasonable good if there are only cuts in premiere (speed changes make all unusable and need a lot of rework)
In Nuendo reconform you must have all dots green. If all dots are green, reconform could work, but surely it will be a lot of things to check.
I’ve done some reconforms and none has been fine.
I needed to do a lot of fix. Good luck.

Sorry for my english.

Thanks for your response!

I just did a very basic test myself - I opened a VERY simple Premiere project, exported the video, AAF, and EDL and then made 1 small tiny change to the video and re-exported the video and EDL.

In Nuendo I imported the first version’s AAF and video. I then opened to Reconform window, added the EDL of this first version, and then added the 2nd EDL I made of the slightly changed edit.

I got a bunch of red dots.

What could have possibly gone wrong in this extremely simple test? The difference from the first EDL to the second EDL was literally just scooting a clip over by 5 seconds - that’s it.

1.- you have to have a sequence with only one video track
2.- there can be no fades
3.- there can be no speed changes

I’ve always had to tinker with the edl file that adobe premiere generates. I think that premiere does not build a 100% correct edl
The edl file can be edited with any word processor.

I write down all the indexes of the red dots and I look in the edl to see what could be wrong, it’s complicated (I’m a computer scientist by profession and a sound editor as a hobby)
It requires some imagination.

In any case, with all the green dots, the dialogues and the foley move well, but the effects, ambiences and music are filled with cuts that must be resolved one by one.
Automation also suffers damage.

Reconform is not a perfect solution, but it is better than nothing.
I have done a manual reconform and it is much worse.

(Google translation)

Yeah the sequence only had 1 video track, no fades, and no speed changes. It was basically just 1 video import that I cut into a few chunks. Not sure why it would be causing red dots.

I do not know how to help you.
Here you have an image of a small reconform test. (Premiere 22.5 and Nuendo 12).
A piece of video (edit one).
I’ve done two cuts and swapped it (edit two).

All dots green.

We use reconform all the time. No major issues but you have to have a pretty solid workflow and it helps to have a good understanding of what EDLs are and what the data represents.
We do not use adobe so I can’t be of any help there.