Help with Remote Devices - Alphatrack

Hi all,

I love my Alphatrack controller, but sadly there will never be a 64-bit version for its native Cubase driver, which means no native compatibility with 64-bit Cubase. However, it does provides HUI & MCU emulation modes via it’s MIDI I/O. In either mode, every function works (full transport, etc.) except for the one I need - the motorised fader! The fader works, but only works for the first 8 channels, and there seems to be no way to move to the next bank of channels.

I really want the fader to control the currently selected channel. Does anyone have experience, or know if it’s possible, to achieve this some other way?


You would somehow have to make the device send (or somehow emulate on the same midi port) a MCU bank change midi message.

Command				 MIDI note 
Fader Bank Left	 	A# 2	
Fader Bank Right		B 2

This is from the chart at
created by Rob Bowers.

I don’t have that device, so I can’t answer how to get it to operate the selected track specifically simply by having the track selected (as can be done with the generic remote)

Thanks for the reply, Steve. It’s not possible to re-program the buttons, so bank left/right isn’t an option.

One thing I did as an experiment was to use a cheap controller, a Korg nanokontrol 1 to achieve a similar thing. It’s quite geeky.

I created a 2nd MCU in Device Setup and set it to the same port as the first. Then I used it only to send the command I wanted to send (I wanted to create a home-brew Remote Control device that would work with the Remote Control Editor. It did work, but the Korg had the wrong kind of rotary controls (endless encoders were needed))

Mine works fine in 64 bit Cubase:

yeah same here!!

Other than i can’t de/activate the Cubase channel EQ from the AT, it has to be done by clicking in the channel GUI… not a major hassle though…

Mine works fine in 64 bit Cubase:

yeah same here!!

Well you’re on Windows so other than rubbing salt in his wounds your posts don’t help the OP much…Oh and btw My Alphatrack is working great here :smiling_imp:

LOL. Yes, no 64-bit driver for Mac. Macs suck, right!

Thinking about buying the CC121 now, since this is no use to me any more. :frowning:

Yeah sorry Steve i didn’t read your sig so didn’t realise you’re on a mac…

If it’s any consolation it’s days are numbered for us win users too as it seems frontier are more interested in dicking about making silly video apps for little girls these days :frowning:

FWIW, I have the same deal with my Faderport. Presonus abandoned support for 64 bit Cubase on mac. (motorized fader works, you only get HUI mode, which is very cumbersome for large projects. No native support anymore.)

Really wish Mackie or someone would do a simple single channel 100mm motorized fader. Something to sit along side the keyboard and mouse.

Yes, that’s all I want/need. But seems CC121 is the only way to go now. I need to research this more.

Hello, sorry for really late reply! Im in a similar situation as you, just got myself an Alphatrack… but my setup is Cubase 11 Pro, and bought the Synclavier plugin files and installed… but the real problem is… Cubase Pro 11 does not have ‘Remote Control’ showing alphatrack… ha… would you have resolved your problem on mac… or sold it…?! cheers!