Help with Setup

Please bear with me … I am completely new to music production and Cubase & have lots of “newbie” questions!
My initial query relates to how I want to setup my home studio - I have a digital piano that I wish to use as a primary midi controller (due to the key weighting and feel) but also have a separate midi controller (a NI a25) that I want to use as a secondary controller for pitch / modulation adjustments and for use on more synth type tracks. Can anybody help me with how to set this up to work properly I.e. so I can use both controllers simultaneously but use the pitch / modulation from the secondary controller whilst using the primary controller for input?

Many thanks in advance

Hi and welcome,

If you plug both devices in (probably via USB), you will get an input of both of them automatically. Because the default MIDI Input setup is All MIDI Inputs. So you get an input of all plugged MIDI Devices.

I would recommend to watch Steinberg Cubase Quick Start Video Tutorials.
Be aware, some menu entries has been renamed since Cubase 10:

  • Devices = Studio
  • Device Setup = Studio Setup
  • VST Connections = Audio Connections