help with solo(ing) tracks

Hi everybody,
I don’t realized how but I’ve a group of tracks (C 7.5 trial) that solo all together when I click one, as if they were linked… I tried to link/unlink their channels but with no results…
Any idea? Is there a way to reset solo assignment?

thank you very much,


Try the global solo [m] [s] buttoms at the header of the arrangement page. Make sure they are ‘visible’ if you don’t see them by “right” clicking an in empty area of the header.

Hi mpayne0,
I tried but with no results…
I had to chek all the tracks one by one and finally I succeeded; maybe I did something strange but I can’t realize what…
Hope it won’t happen again.
Thank you very much for answering


Had you got a track hidden in your visibility pane that was muted?

Hi Neil,
probably I had, because I’m working with a single monitor, at the moment, and so sometime I lose the complete control of the solo/mute assignments…

In general I suspect, it happened even when I worked with the older versions on a pc, that Cubase create some ‘strange’ channel link himself but I’m not sure about this…