Help with sound? (New to Cubase)

Hello, my friends,

As the title suggests, I am rather new to Cubase 6, so I don’t really know my way around it as well as some of you. Having heard lots of nice things about C6, I bought my copy of C6, installed it, registered, activated…and then had my first go on it (primarily using the Dance production option). At first, there was nothing wrong, everything was going fine, but then the next time I opened C6, there was a problem with the sound. Usually I try to fix problems on my own by just tweeking things here and there, but now I am really stuck.

It seems that no matter what I do, there is no sound. I can’t hear anything, I even tried the presets using Halion, and I couldn’t hear a thing. This isn’t just my computer, as I tried to play mp3s, just in case it was my computer, but my computer sound is working fine. The sound on C6 won’t come out.

I tried closing and reopening C6, and this appeared:
Which didn’t appear any of the other times I opened C6, so maybe the two are related?

Then when C6 opened, this then appeared:

I’ve looked through the Quick Start Guide and online but nothing can tell me what’s wrong - if this even something to do with C6.

Does anybody know of anything I can do to fix this? Forgive my vagueness regarding the problem - I honestly have no idea what’s wrong, like I said, I’m really new to Cubase 6.

Thank you!

For a start, you need to tell us what audio interface you are using and your computer specs. Check your VST Audio setup and ensure you have the correct driver selected. You need an ASIO driver that is compatible with your audio interface. If you are only using the built in sound, and you are running windows, then you should download and install Asio4all ( From your second screen shot, it looks like you are using the built in sound. You need to set your cubase master output to your soundcard outputs (left & right).

Let us know what your specs are, that will be the clue to getting you some audio.

Yeah, like he implied there, open your VST Connections window. Here you can choose your inputs and outputs. What has happen is that you have - I think - somehow chosen your Control Room out instead of your Mains. Just diasble your Control Room - find the little disable button and click on it in the Control Room window. Then you need to perhaps go back to your Mains output window and select your output of choice.

If you are trying to use the Control Room feature, well, open you control room mixer and start pushing buttons - you might get lucky. I don’t use the Control Room.

I highly recommend the SWA video, see top of the forum. It’s $15 and although not complete by any means, it helps.

Hello, again,

Like you both suggested, I checked the VST connections, and checked on outputs (as that seemed like the logical choice) and came up with this:

I remembered that in the Quick Start Guide, it showed the audio to be on ASIO DirectX (although I have also downloaded that asio4all - thank you!) so I set the audio device to ASIO where it said ‘unconnected’:
and tried to play something and it worked - the sound came out.
Just to check, though, I closed and reopened C6 and once again the sound problem came back up again, until I did this exact same thing.

So it appears the sound problem has been fixed (as I certainly don’t mind having to check the audio everytime I open up C6) for now.

Thank you for all your help! :slight_smile:

PS. I am looking at those SWA videos - although I usually learn by figuring things out, I feel they may certainly help. :slight_smile: