Help with sync issues: same performance, two different recordings

Hi all,

First post here. I’m a novice to Cubase and have a question that’s tripping me up. I have a couple of projects where I recorded the same performance using two different systems (ex–a Zoom H4 recorder, and a camera phone). I would like to mix the audio tracks together, but am finding that the recordings run at slightly different speeds. While they may seem in sync where I align them, over time they drift due to this difference. To make things more challenging these projects do not have a tempo that I can rely on (some of them are just dialogue).

How would I go about correcting this slight offset?

Thanks all.

Hi and welcome,

You can use the Sizing Applies Time Stretch tool (under the ‘arrow’ Object Selection tool) to get the same length.

Then you can use Audio Alignment to stretch it inside and align the signals.