Help with syncing Korg SQ-1 Step Sequencer


I just recently purchased a Korg SQ-1 Step Sequencer that I, for my life, can’t get to sync with Cubase 11 pro. It just don’t work. I have tried both USB and MIDI connection but no…As I understand I’m not alone with this issue, but that doesn’t help me fixing the problem. Yes, sure, I can sync the SQ-1 to a VST Instrument and that’s no problem, but I can’t get it to sync with the tempo set in Cubase.

Is there anyone that knows if there is a plugin to Cubase that can “listen” or “read” incoming MIDI or audio signals and from that calculate what tempo the external hardware (i.e. the SQ-1) is set to? Maybe that could be a solution to get them to sync tempos?

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You need to activate external sync in Cubase.

Go to: Transport> Activate external sync

The option above it - “Project synchronization setup” - also gives you access to the same setting plus a few other things. If your SQ-1 is connected, it should appear as a destination for midi info to be sent to. Check that box and you’re good to go.

Hope that helps.

Hello Dunk79
Thanks for a quick reply

I have tried that, but without any luck :frowning:
Maybe I’m doing something wrong, or don’t understand what I’m doing or how it’s supposed to work but shouldn’t that setting send tempo from Cubase and therefore terminate the tempo-knob on the SQ-1? Or, in the other direction, let the tempo from the SQ-1 set the tempo in Cubase?

Do you have a chance to take some pictures about how it should look?

Very thankful for your help


I don’t have an SQ-1, but I would assume that once synced to Cubase, the tempo or speed knob on the SQ-1 would then operate as musical divisions of the Cubase tempo (i.e. 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 etc.)

I would check the following:

  • Connect the SQ-1 via USB
  • Ensure you have the latest driver for the SQ-1
  • Activate external sync as mentioned above
  • Check the box under the “destinations” tab for your SQ-1 as mentioned above

When you start Cubase playing it should be sending tempo information to the SQ-1 via midi over your USB cable.

Thanks! Will check of it works

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