Help With The Basics

I have just started playing with Padshop 2 for the first time. Cubase 12 Artist. I have found many videos and information that are explaining many features but I just need to know a couple of basic things to work it into my projects.

  1. If I have a sample that I have dragged into Padshop2, manipulated it to a form that I am happy with - how do I place that back into sections of the project? For example I just want the sound(scape) to come in after a minute play for X amount of time and then stop.

  2. If I create a sound using a keyboard, how do I export or place that sound into the project?

I have noticed on videos by a Gary that he does have these segments of sound in the videos but I am not sure how it is done.

Sorry for asking such a basic question. Instant karma for laughing at my father for contacting Google on how he can find his favourites “they called them bookmarks!!!” he said :slight_smile:

ad 1.) Create a MIDI part with the desired notes inside. Use Render In Place from the context or Audio menu to convert this into an audio file → there is your new sample
ad 2.) Maybe this is done via Render In Place as well? I am not sure if I understand the question.

Thanks for the reply Johnny. I had to go and have a play to see what I meant back in December. lol

I was able to place a sample within Padshop then create a midi line on a track and by drawing that line have the sample play.

I could not find ‘Render In Place’ either somewhere within Padshop or in the Audio menu in the Cubase ribbon.

Oh, you right-click on the MIDI part. It should be in the context menu.

I see. Thanks. Now to have a play.

worked a treat!!

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