help with the draw tool to edit waves

I am not able to get the draw tool to work as I remember. Cubase 8.0. What I would like to do is zoom in on an audio track in the project window, select the draw tool, and re-write the wave in two or three spots where a cymbal hit maxed out the volume. So as in the past, I find the offensive place, zoom in, change my cursor to a draw tool, and expect to be able to write a modified wave. But instead I get a draw tool with a little zigzag symbol next to it, and if I click on the track, it immediately reduces the entire segment to be lower in amplitude than where I clicked.

I’m not sure what happened to my draw tool. Looked in the manual, looked in all the tool menus, and I can’t figure out what I did to change the draw tool into something that modifies the volume level of the entire segment. I’m not finding it, and I looked everywhere, so I hope someone can point out where I’ve gone wrong!

Thanks for any help.

You have to open the sample Editor to edit Audio Clips on sample level . From what you describe you´re in the Project window, using Event envelopes.
All quite well documented in the Manual.

Thanks, I was very sure I had used the Project window before to edit audio in this way, but clearly, I must have been wrong. Thanks for setting me straight.