Help with the new Trip synth in Halion Sonic SE 2

Hi guys, just signed up with the forum after searching for a solution to my little problem.

Please forgive me if I’ve already overlooked a solution, but I couldn’t find one after hours of searching but:

In the new Trip synth page in the updated Halion Sonic SE 2, I cannot for love nor money get the arpeggiator to function. It stays greyed out constantly, no matter the pattern, routing, setting, or anything that my eyes can see. Am I doing something embarrassingly wrong?

Apologies in advance if these seems trivial!

Only available for some patches.

Quick check to see if it’s all installed properly - create an instrument track, choose halion sonic se2, click in the first slot of the multi program rack and when the preset browser pops up make sure halion sonic SE trip is selected in the library browser left hand column which is called “library name”. It says 153 sounds here.

If anything is selected in the “category” “sub category” or “character” columns it will only show those filtered preset total in the “library name” column.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

That’s great, I’m away til tomorrow afternoon so I’ll check it out when I’m back, thanks for the response!

Aloha t and thanks for this topic.

My prob is the opposite.

I can’t get the arpeggiator to shut.

In HASE it is always ‘on’

Of course that is Trip’s function and I gets that;
but I would also like to use a few of those sounds without the arpeggiator.

That being said;
opening Trip in HS2 (not SE) does give me more control.

Good Luck!

Back on track today so I’ll test out the Halion Sonic trip stuff! I do remember having some weird issues overall after I upgraded to Cubase 7.5 from 7 with content locations and preset locations, so I’ll check that out as well.

Yep +1
If i feel the need to ‘deep edit’ a preset i do it in HS or if i want to swap out a sample or go deeper then H5… makes sense really as they’re essentially the same thing with more features ‘unlocked’ and a bit more library the more you pay. (observation not a criticism)