Help with Track Presets

Been struggling with this for a while. I produce backing tracks for a band on my desktop - with the nice big screen(s) etc. which get transferred over to a laptop to be played at gigs (tiny screen). Cubase 11, Halion SE, Superior Drummer on both machines. Same versions, etc.

I’m trying to streamline my workflow. The desktop “track inputs/outputs” and the laptop outputs are the same.

However the outputs are different.

I’ve created appropriate Output Presets but I need to do the same thing for the “Track Presets” . Can this be done? i.e. create a “Track Preset” I load that will load all the track ins/outs correctly. I played around with the “track presets” on the “inspector” tab but I’m missing whatever the point of all those options are and what they apply to (global, just that track???).

I’ve been getting around this by using a template on the laptop. Open the cubase file from the desktop on the laptop (nothing plays as the outputs don’t match anything on the laptop). Then open a template on the laptop that has all the “Track ins/outs” correct, copy everything off the desktop file and paste it into the laptop template.

It works but it’s tedious and easy to “screw up”. There has to be a better way to transfer the project between computers. Any help appreciated.

One limitation of Track Presets is that they do not retain the Routing.

Instead of using Track Presets I put all of them into a Track Preset Library Project and then use Import Tracks From Project. This does retain the Routing as long as the Project they get Imported into has those Routing Destinations.