Help with track sequence and exporting to Protools


I have been given a bunch of songs recorded in a recent Cubase version and I have imported them into my Cubase 9.

They have about 12 tracks each altho’ all over the place. One song will have the drums on tracks 1 to 4 and another will have them 6 to 10 etc.

Once I have added some instruments to these songs I am to give them back ready for them to be imported in someone’s Protools.

Being a bit of a novice at this, I would like to know should I move all the tracks so they are the same in every song (project) eg. All drums 1 to 4 or whatever.

Also when I export them, what is the best way to do this so they are easier for a guy to load into Protools




I woukd recommend to transfer to Pro Tools via OMF.