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I’ve have recently started using Dorico Elements v3.5.12.1066. I’m really impressed with the software and I’m slowly getting to grips with most of it. There is one thing, though, that is causing me a real headache, and I’m hoping that someone here can help me out.

Referring to the two highlighted bars in the attached screenshot, entering the semiquaver pattern in the right-hand bar is simple enough. However, I would like to also enter the shorthand version (tremolo) as shown in the left-hand bar. Everything I have tried so far has not worked. For instance, I can enter the two pairs of dotted minims (D,A and E,G) with separate stems using different voices for the two pairs, but if I then select them and try to apply “Two Strokes Multi-note Tremolo” from the “Repeat Structures” menu, nothing happens. I’ve tried a few other things as well, but again no success.

Is this something that can be done in Dorico? Perhaps the notation in the score which I scanned is non-standard? Grateful for any comments on this.

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You’d need to add them as a pair of dotted crotchets, and dependent on time signature and note grouping options the second one may need to be inputted with Force Duration applied (so that it really shows up as a dotted crotchet, not a quaver tied to a crotchet). Then select both and use the Two Strokes Multi-Note Tremolo option in the right panel or type Shift-R //2 Enter.

I followed Leo’s instructions, with the following result:


If you want to change the amount of space between the tremolo mark and the stems, that can be done in Engraving Options > Tremolos > Advanced Options.

I think this need for use of force duration to make multi-note tremolos to work is one of my oldest requests that still needs no be fulfilled (since 2017)… Hopefully, we’ve never been so close to see it implemented .


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Thanks for your response but I’m obviously doing something fundamentally wrong here. So, referring to the attached image…

I start off with a blank stave in 3/4 (1). I then add the first pair of dotted minims (2). Next I add the second pair with Force Duration applied (3 and 4). I split the second pair – E and G – by selecting them and right clicking → Voices → Change Voice → New Up-stem Voice, resulting in (5). I select both pairs (6) then click Two Strokes Multi-Note Tremolo (7) and the result is (8). The same result if I try Shift-R //2 at step (7).

Help! Put me out of my misery – what am I doing wrong?


Again. Two dotted crotchets, one after the other, in the same voice.
As soon as you add the tremolo (either from the right panel or via Shift-R //2 Enter) they will magically turn into dotted minims.

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OK, so now I feel stupid confusing minims and crotchets. But you’re right - it works!

Thank you very much for your assistance and patience.

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Oh, and welcome to the forum!