Help with UR44 setup and Licencing please

Hello all. New user of the UR44. I have installed “Tools for UR44” and I have connected the device to my computer per instructions. The UR44 is listed under the device manager. The problem I am having is when I go to activate the license through the eLicenser Control Center the UR44 is not listed there. I get a message reading, “There is no eLicenser connected to your computer which you can download your license to. Please connect an approriate eLicensor to your computer.”

It seem like the UR44 is installed correctly into my computer but the eLicenser Control Center is not recognizing it and therefore I can’t activate the software. Anyone know a solution? Thanks in advance :question:


eLicenser Control Center doesn’t show UR44 because you don’t need any license for the interface itself.

License that you got with the interface (activation code to get the license) is for Basic FX Suite, which is VST version of the DSP effects that come with it.
You can use them separately just like any other VST effect. Thats what you need license for.

It’s called Basic FX Suite and you should be able to activate it either on eSoft licencer or dongle.

But you can use the onboard DSP effects even without activating that license.
This license is for VST version of it

And you probably also have a license or activation code for Cubase AI

I’ve got the exact same problem. You posted this nearly a year ago. Did you ever get it working? I’m returning my product tomorrow and getting something that just works out of the box. This is nonsense.

UR44 is a USB soundcard and there is no need to activate something for it.
You don’t need to return your product.