Help with UR44C outputs

Just bought the UR44C to use with iOS.
My scenario is that I need to send 3 “things” separately. I was under the impression this device can easily do it, considering it has 6 outputs, but I couldn’t figure it out.
Output 1- coming from the DAW
Output 2- a connected mic to input 1
Output 3- a connected mic to input 3

  • I also have a metronome coming off of the DAW, that I only want in my headphones.
    How can I configure it so I can send those outputs separately, and I’m able to monitor them? I also have


They Steinberg interfaces work with so called Mixes, of which the UR44C has two.

You can imagine those like output channels you can address in the DAW or operating system. These do not necessarily reflect the physical connections and you cannot address the physical connections directly.

It’s a 6x4 channel interface, i.e. it only has 4 output channels (2 stereo) although it has 6 physical connectors.

Main Out is using Mix 1
Line Out 1 is using Mix 1 as well.
Line Out 2 is using Mix 2.

For the headphones, you can chose which of the two mixes you want to use, but it doesn’t have its own.

TLDR; what you want will not be directly possible. You might be able to do some trickery using the left and right sides of the channels as mono channels maybe for your mic setup, but then you don’t have a mix left for the headphones.

Thanks! Yes, that’s what I figured out. My solution was to set up mic 1 and 2 through MIX 1- left and right.
The daw output goes out through the right of MIX 2, and everything else is panned hard left.
Then I took a headphone splitter that, when connected to the headphones, gives me a mono output. Not remotely ideal, but usable.

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