HELP! with VariAudio and Pitch Correction Plug In

I have recently installed cubase LE AI Elements 7. I have looked at videos about these Audio tools and they look great. However I cannot find them… In my sample editor I only have the hitpoints tab and nothing else. In my inserts I do not have Pitch Correction. I am not sure where they are or if i have to download or buy them additionally.

VariAudio is only available in the full version of Cubase. Cubase LE, AI, Elements and Artist do not have this included.
Pitch correct is available in Cubase Elements 7, Cubase Artist 7.5 and Cubase 7.5.

A detailed feature comparison chart can be found here:

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There’s a few freebie plugins available which work as inserts. I’ve used GSnap before, and you can find more on KVR Audio website by searching.


Thank you very much

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Just for the record, if you spend a bit of time with the pitch correct plugin you can get pretty good results, controlling the pitch via midi, adjusting the "speed"and "tolerance controls.

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Cubase LE AI Element 8 have Pitch Correction but Vari Audio haven’t?
Can you please tell me which Cubase version have Vari Audio with Pitch Correction.

Cubase 5.2 have Vari Audio but haven’t Pitch Correction.

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