Cubase 12 No VariAudio in the Inspector

Hi I recorded a vocal track in cubase 10.5 and now I upgrade to cubase 11 pro anw I upgrade to cubase 12 po,there’s no VariAudio in the Inspector how to fix it


Make sure, you are working with the Audio Event, not the Audio Part, please.

Right click to any tan in the Inspector and enable the option, please.

Thanks Martin for the info,but I don’t know what you mean by,Right click to any tan in the Inspector and enable the option

Please make sure to double click the audio in the project window. Then the audio editor will appear but not show the option for variaudio yet. Then click on the lower zone audio editor. Only then on the left you will be presented with the extra functions like variaudio. Hope this helps

Thank you for your email

And what Martin means is that if you right-click one of the items in the Inspector (with the audio editor active) you can remove or add items. See included picture.

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Thank you Very much

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