Help With Velocity

Im unable to maximise the velocity on my keyboard and I know there is a way to do it via the input transformer but not sure how to do it … can anyone help me with the configuration in cubase 6? Would be most appreciated.

Hi John, for anyone to help you better,a a few more details would be nice…What Keyboard?..Pc/Mac…etc
some pointers as to us having a guess as to what the problem is.

Can or are you, able to record Midi in Cubase from your Keyboard?

keyboard is M-Audio 49 and Im on mac

oops missed the last bit yes Im able to record Midi in Cubase from your Keyboard…

Hi Jon,
Yes, the Input Transformer is one way to do it, or you could use the “MIDI Modifiers” module of the MIDI track’s Inspector.
But, I think you should try to define more precisely the way in which you wish to “maximize the incoming MIDI”.
Do you want to…
a) keep the current ratio between lowest sent velocity and highest, but “slide” the whole range up, such that it is all globally louder? (in which case, you just need to add a fixed velocity value to the incoming)
b) expand the ratio, such that the lowest velocities remain the same, but the highest sent velocities aren’t loud enough? (in which case, you rather need to multiply the incoming velocity by some small amount)

See if the MIDI Modifiers get you where you want, first :wink:
For scenario “a”, use the slider for “Vel.Shift”
For scenario “b”, use “Vel.Comp” (try something like “11/10”)
Or, if you want to “compress” the velocity (which would be option “c”, I suppose :wink: ), use a combination of the above, with “Vel.Comp” something like “8/10” (which will make the difference between low and high velocities smaller) then Vel. Shift , to increase the result of that.

If you use the Input Transformer,
Set the upper section to…
Type is___Equal___Note

and the lower section (for scenario “a”)
Value 2___ Add___ (the value of your choice)

or (for compression)
Value 2___Multiply___(for example)1.1000
And don’t forget to activate the current Input Transformer Module (via its “On” switch)

Fantastic! Many thanks Vic for you marvellous input! Its more for programming drums if any thing so I don’t have to keep increasing the velocity to 127 in the functions panel all the time You’ve given me lots of options so I shall have a try-out and see what comes out best-once again many thanks!
PS I really do like Volume 11 on everything lol