Help with which plugins for different vocal effects!!

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I’m new to this wanting to buy plugin things and have no idea what I’m doing. I’m a singer and I use the interface URmkII 22 Cubase/Steinberg to record only vocals. I’m getting sick of the boring same sound as I can only use reverb / delay / disfussion / mix and compressor on there and the other stuff is TOO crazy… But it’s always the same old boring sound… I only recently discovered you can buy plugins for more effects and wondering if someone can please HELP with which one or ones to get? What I’m mostly wanting is different vocal effects, a variety from natural smooth sounding vocals to maybe a bit crazy stuff like just different effects I can choose from that I can just play around with. As well as I’m wanting pitch correction or auto-tuning too.

Does anyone have any idea which to get? I know there’s so many but my focus is making my vocals sound different to the same old boring recordings I keep doing with what it came with… A variety of different effects, natural and maybe crazy stuff too but listenable.

If anyone can give me a few ideas on what to choose or get that would be great!

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Combined with the “built-in” effects, this should get you where you want to go (you don’t say which Cubase version you are using … :confused: ).

Also, maybe more of a topic for …

A kind of generic answer is to study up (online video’s etc) on how various tasks & tools are “normally” used and start messing around, experimenting with using the tools “wrong.” Take a current Project and use Backup Project to create a new Project based on it. Now use this Project to explore and see what sounds interesting to you. Try excessive EQ cuts, putting a reverb through a distortion unit, run the vocal through a phaser or bitcrusher or both, change the order of inserts, and any other weird thing you can think of. Listen and and start using the bits you like.

Also explore making a copy of your vocal. Keep one nice & mess up the other one, then blend to taste.

Variaudio will do pitch correction (suspect it isn’t in every flavor of Cubase (which is why we encourage folks to put their DAW specs in their signature, hint hint :wink: )) and there is a pitch-correction plug that comes with Cubase. You should be able to just use the stuff that comes with Cubase to get a bunch of different vocal sounds.

The key is to just try stuff and use what you find interesting. I used to keep a notebook of different effect ideas I had.

Also make sure to skim through the Plug-in manual every so often. Something you might have totally ignored 6 months ago can suddenly become very useful.

VariAudio is a Cubase Pro (and Nuendo) only feature.

Thanks, just as I suspected. Too lazy (ah, err, I mean busy) to look it up.