Help with workflow please - multi-timbral VSTi

Hi -

I’ve just started working with multi-timbral VSTi’s, very embarrassed I don’t know how to save the track names, and how to record individual outputs, but I guess I’m still confused after reading the manual - any help would be much appreciated!

Here are the two things I’m butting heads with:

  1. Every time I close and reopen an instance of the VSTi, all my carefully labelled track names (to replace “Output 1”, “Output 2”, etc.) have to be retyped. Is there any way to avoid that?

2) How do I record audio from each stream of the multi-timbral output? Right now I’m creating a group for each one (“Kick”, “Snare”, “Hat”, “Tom”, etc.), and routing the VSTi output to those groups, then recording each group to an audio track. Seems like a lot of work … I thought this morning I could maybe just render each one using batch rendering somehow, but I thought I’d check to see how you guys were doing it.[EDIT: I guess batch render is the way to go, though it’d be nice if it applied the names of the unrendered tracks to the rendered ones.]


Is this Halion SE?

These track names, this is in the VSTi interface or just tracks in the project window?

I was using Halion some and I created an instance then made a track for ch 1 and assigned it to Halion.

Then did another track ch 2 and assigned to halion. Once I have the voices selected they stay as well as the track names but I’m not messing with anything inside the plugin.

You are leaving everything as midi until the final mixdown or do you render tracks as you go?

I used to stay all midi but I’m doing a lot more audio now since it’s more flexible than it used to be.

That and I use track names or event names that tell me which patch/voice I used to create it so I can recreate it if need be.

Thanks for your answer, Tacman7!

It’s Groove Agent SE4 (GASE4).

In the project window. After I enable multiple outputs in the GASE4 new tracks automatically get added in the project window, and are labelled something like “Master”, “Output 2”, “Output 3”, etc. I rename them and everything is great until the VSTi needs to get shut down or something, and then when it is reopened, all my renaming is gone, they are back to: --“Master”, “Output 2”, “Output 3”, etc. :frowning:

This, but I’m looking for a way that I don’t have to rename if the VSTi gets shut down and then reopened.

Easiest way? Or just live with it?