Help with Workspaces

I’m running Win 7- 64 Bit and Cubase 7.5 and having a heck of a time with Workspaces with a dual monitor setup.
Its seems I have tried everything with Workspaces to work with a dual monitor set up. If I keep my workspaces on one monitor it works but when trying to put the Mixer on one Monitor and Tracks on the other Monitor it dose not work. I will arrange how I like it and save the workspace, then give it a try it dose not work.


The shortform steps are:

  1. Open a project (new or existing one you want to set up).

  2. Open the Organize Workspaces dialog.

  3. Unlock the current project workspace.

  4. Move all the windows where you want them, including on which monitor mixconsoles are shown fullscreen.

  5. Lock the current project workspace.

  6. Copy (select and click the >) the local workspace to the global space.

  7. Close that project and open another that you would like the same workspace for.

  8. Copy (select and click <) the global workspace to the local project.

  9. Select and activate the added workspace.

Hopefully it looks something like you expect.

Of course, that is only one of the many things you have to configure in different places to have things look the way you want. Just for mixconsoles, there are:
a) the types of tracks displayed (named)
b) the alignment and visibility of each track
c) the order and visibility of the controls at the top (named)
d) one or two other things, which escape me right now.


Firstly you cannot use Cubase across dual monitors if you have the “maximize” icon [top right corner] set on your master screen. This will automatically set/fix the Cubase program to show in one monitor only.

You have to click on the double screen icons [ also top left] of your master screen, set to " double down" . This then allows you to drag the Cubase screen on the master monitor across to the second dual monitor.

Its important to identify which is your master monitor, on the left monitor or right monitor. Once you have Cubase now across both screens you can position the mixer in one of the screens, the project in the other, etc. but still must be within the Cubase program screen. Only a few items like the transport bar can go outside of the Cubase main screen.

I have had no problems with dual monitors since the early Cubase days.

I have set up separate workspaces for Recording, Tracking and Mixing. The Recording & Tracking set-up has the Project window on monitor 1 and the MixConsole on monitor 2. Tracking has the Project across half the second console as well. The Mixing workspace minimizes the Project window and maximizes the MixConsole console over both windows.

I hope this helps. :relaxed::relaxed:

Cubase 7.5 32/64 bit Windows 7 64bit Intel Core i7-3.6Ghz 32GB RAM Steinberg MR 816csx, Mackie MCU

By default, not, but most can if you set them for Always on top.