Help writing first macro please! [SOLVED]

Hello, I’m just dipping my toes into macros and finding it more challenging than I’d expected.

What I’d like to be able to do is select all audio tracks and apply a QC preset to them. I’m aiming for a keyboard-free and largely mouse-free workflow so eventually I’d like to have a couple of function keys which switch the QCs on all tracks from “editing mode” to “mixing mode” for example, with hardware encoders functions changing accordingly.

I’ve managed to set up “Select all audio tracks” in PLE, but I’m completely stumped on working out how to apply a QC preset to them. I always do this with right click on the QC section in the inspector and I can’t find a corresponding menu option that would allow me to map it into a macro.

Any help and advice much appreciated - thank you!


I like the idea. But I’m afraid it’s not possible to do this. To speed it up, you could try to select all Audio tracks, enable the Q-Link and then load the Quick Controls preset. I’m afraid it might not work.

Thanks for the reply @Martin.Jirsak - how frustrating though, I thought this would be bread and butter for a macro :confused:

I tried Q-link earlier but it just seems to apply the preset to the first track selected.

This is a major workflow killer. I’ll have to see if I can think of a way around it.

My main concern btw is that if I have for example Gain from the pre section on my “pre-mixing” preset, I don’t want to accidentally turn the encoder liberally thinking it’s a send level or pan because I forgot to apply the “mixing” preset to that track. Ideally I’d like Gain to be far, far.away from the mixing process.

I’ll put my thinking cap back on.

I believe you should be able to accomplish this by using two different Pages in MIDI Remote. Not exactly the way you describe it but with an end result that is similar. It might require JavaScript programming (not for the faint of heart).


Using MIDI Remote’s Pages would definitely meet your needs.

Thanks both… What would that (broadly) entail? I’ll be using a CMC-QC as the quick controls encoders, but I assume I could load the “macro” keys onto another controller?

I was thinking of using a wireless numeric keypad with key commands but that isn’t an option as it doesn’t have MIDI, so I might have to repurpose something else…


If I’m not mistaken, you can use CMC-QC as a plain MIDI controller. Can you? If yes, you can then just write MIDI Remote script to assign the wanted parameters in different pages.

Yes you can - I have some of the MIDI encoders already in use but sounds like I could keep this as an additional page?
Is there a limit to the number of pages you can have? Can you switch pages via hardware (I think the answer is yes on this one)?

So many questions, sorry!


No, there is no limit.

Yes, you can switch the Pages from the MIDI Device.

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If you’re on Windows, this might be of interest:

I use this route to allow changing pages in MIDI Remote from a computer keyboard (among other things).

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Argh this is not straightforward. I think it might be the CMC unit.

In MIDI mode, I can’t get MIDI remote to recognise the encoders.

I can in the QC and EQ modes, but they send the same values. So if I assign Gain to controller 8, I can control it in QC mode, but when I switch to EQ mode, that encoder still controls gain and overrides the EQ frequency assignment.

If I can get MIDI remote to work on MIDI remote then I’m nearly there I think, but it’s proving hard!

Ignore me , I was sending MIDI from the Remote Devices port of the CMC-PD (port 2) rather than the MIDI port (port 1)… all sorted and now I can use the PD:

  • QC: the selected 8 quick controls for the track, e.g. my “pre-mixing” preset
  • EQ: the EQ for the track
  • MIDI: my mixing preset incl. Sends etc, or indeed other uses as set by MIDI remote pages.

It even flows like a workflow from left to right… pre-mix, EQ, mixing.

I’m a happy bunny! Thank you for the suggestions @mlib and @Martin.Jirsak :slight_smile:

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