I was working on a project yesterday using Reason rewired. Yesterday, when I closed the program and then re-opened the project, everything was fine. Today when I opened the project, for some reason Cubase lost all the connections to the Reason instruments, and Loopmash stopped making any sound.

So I had to reconnect all the Reason instruments, and make a new Loopmash with the same settings as the previous one. Also, now when I open a midi clip for editing, it solos that instrument and the rest are muted. What could have happened for all this to happen overnight?



Alot of times Cubase will lose your Reason instrument connections after a session is terminated. Also, certain internal MIDI devices capable of creating step sequences will often change patterns arbitrarily. This isn’t a glitch, its’ the nature of the beast! Loopmash is it’s own little monster uncapable of being tamed! Any sequence that you plan on keeping should be saved as a preset.

As far as your MIDI piece being soloed, confirm that Solo Editor in the top left of your Key Editor is not enabled.

Thanks for the head’s-up. Yeah, midi editing was on solo.

Another quick question, all of a sudden midi notes in the midi editor have names on every note recorded. Eg. G#4. How can I remove this?


Can’t reproduce. I see note names out to the left, the C’s on the keyboard, but not on the MIDI notes themselves. Have you checked your preferences to confirm that you can turn it off? If there isn’t this kind of option, maybe a screenshot will help. None of the parameters seem to address this, but we need to confirm that you are in the Key Editor.

The only way to stop note names appearing on notes in Key Edit is to scroll vertically until they disappear.

If you are in the list editor, the note values are listed on the left. Forgot about that.

Edit: Artisian beat me. Maybe this is a v6 exclusive, as I see no pitch values on the MIDI notes! I would still check prefs just in case. :wink:

I think you can just reduce the size / zoom.

Yeah, reducing the zoom did the trick. By any chance, is there a way to remove that even at higher zoom levels?
Screen Shot 2012-04-29 at 12.56.28 PM.png

Only if there is a pref for this. According to Artisian there isn’t. This was added to be a feature, why do you want it deactivated? I’m not sure this is possible anyway, as this was a new feature implemented into the version 6.