I have recently installed Cubase AI 6 on my MacBook Pro and am trying to use it in conjunction with my THR10 to no avail. I am able to create tracks and record using the THR but when I try and use the built in amp simulator no sound comes thru. I have tried every fix I found using google but still nothing. Any suggestions? Tks! :smiley:

Hello Samauraikev ,
no-one else has replied yet so I’ll try .

Have you set up the two separate stereo input busses in VST Connections to choose from like at 46secs in on this video ? Yamaha THR - Cubase AI quick setup guide - YouTube

I guess the first gives the amp simulator sound , and the second gives a dry input sound . You should be able to choose which you want in the Inspector for the selected track after you have set up the input busses as above .

Hope that helps .

Update ;
Yamaha/Steinberg released a firmware update for the THR10 and THR5 only ( not the other C , X or A models ) on the 24th of Dec 2013 .

See “THR10 V2 Updater” and read the pdf included in the download ;

Also they published a quick guide about it on YouTube yesterday ;