Helpful article on the Input Transformer from SOS

I thought I would share this very useful article on using Cubase’s Input Transformer by John Walden from Sound on Sound:

Cubase’s Input Transformer Explained


Love the bit of shade at the end about the unspecified parameters (Value 1) crap:

"For instance, in our final example, in the second line of the Filter Conditions panel, I had to select Value 1 in the first column’s pop‑up menu. There is no ‘MIDI Controller Number’ entry in that menu, but that’s what Value 1 represents when the ‘Type is’ is set to Controller in the first line.

This sort of thing can be difficult for some people to get their head around, and is perhaps the thing that new Input Transformer or Logical Editor users find most confusing. [you think?!?] While the Cubase Pro Operational Manual PDF has some helpful information, I keep hoping that, one day, a Logical Editor guru at Steinberg will fully document the various options! This would undoubtedly enable more users to benefit from the vast potential of the Logical Editor and Input Transformer."