Helpful tip: Get "Behind Bars"...

Just got my hands on Elaine Goulds book. This helps enormously understanding Dorico…

Have fun,

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Way ahead of you! :laughing:

It helps enormously for any notation software!


Showoff… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:
Very cool :sunglasses:!


Although I have Behind Bars as a physical book, I also purchased it in Kindle form (for iPad), and now it downloads into my Kindle Scribe. The Scribe does not list in the “Available on these devices” list for the book (although it lists for the old DX model), but it did download and is nicely readable. (I have other Kindle books that do not list as compatible with the Scribe and do not download either, like the Real Book vol 1 (Hal Leonard)).

You can see the comparison here, book on left, Scribe on right.

I cannot use its Pen to add notes to this book (as you can with other Kindle books on the Scribe), holding on a word for a definition (dictionary or a link to Wiki) does not work, nor does Page Flip (swiping up from the bottom to preview other pages) so presumably these are some of the reasons it is not listing as compatible (at least, currently).
The TOC works, you can navigate through it and tap to get to the relevant page

unfortunately the index does not do this.

Apparently Amazon is intending to improve the Scribe’s functionality with updates and perhaps Faber themselves (if this is how it works) have to update the Kindle version for the Scribe to make it compatible, however as it is I am very pleased to have it on the Scribe which I use mainly for my technical PDFs (including various Dorico Version History PDFs) and reference books, with its larger size especially useful for pages with graphs, diagrams, and in this case, notation examples.

I thought this information might be useful with Behind Bars being a heavy book for anyone to carry around when many of us are mobile, using Dorico on our laptops etc.

[UPDATE from Faber Music (publisher): they are considering re-converting the files so there might be some improvements in its functioning in the future]

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Behind Bars is quite expensive. Faber Music is releasing a concise version, the first section as a separate book.

Also if a little late, I purchased the Book today and really it works fantastically together with Dorico to understand the engraving magic :slight_smile: