Helsinki Music Font SmuFL alternative

Hello everyone,
I am trying to use Dorico for a project born in Sibelius that has some aspects that would make my life much easier in Dorico (e.g.: aggregate Time Signatures, bars of independent duration, better multiple-voice management, etc …)
Since this project is for a publisher, I cannot just use Bravura as Music Font because it is too different from what we use in Sibelius (Helsinki).
Do you know if a port of Helsinki has been done, or attempted?
If not, could you suggest a SmuFL music font that would at least be very similar to Helsinki?

Thank you very much

The top smulf music font is Scordatura from norfont music font
See also in his website if you want something else

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The fonts that ship with Sibelius are under a proprietary license that would prohibit any third party from taking the characters in the font and producing a SMuFL-compatible version. Avid would need to either produce a SMuFL-compatible version themselves (unlikely since they are allergic to SMuFL, presumably because of who designed it) or release Helsinki under a sufficiently permissive license that a third party would be permitted to do it.

However, you don’t need a SMuFL-compatible version of Helsinki to use its most characteristic glyphs: you can use non-SMuFL fonts by choosing particular glyphs for particular purposes, e.g. in the Music Fonts dialog, or in the Notehead Sets dialog.