Here Among the Living - Spooky Soundtrack by Matterson

Hi here’s another track I made with Cubase, very tricky to categorise but hope you like it cheers, Matterson

It appears to me that the music does not match the mood of the video that well. The music is fairly conventional and straight forward while the film is absurd and unconventional.

Good music . It was strange and spooky but the film is just funny and lame by today’s standards
keep them coming and cheers

I think the important thing here is the music, as this is a forum for music made in Cubase! The visual content of the video is in this case not that important and the music was not written to match the video I just found some footage that I felt had interesting and surreal imagery from over a 100 years ago that seemed to be emphasised by the music somewhat. Thanks again Matterson


I see that in the post title I used the word “Soundtrack” so i understand why it would seem the music was written for the video even though it wasn’t , may mistake! Cheers

Had another listen without watching the video. It is a good piece but not particularly spooky in my opinion. I could imagine this as a soundtrack to a somewhat melancholic part of movie.

Nice song, good guitars and bass timber! Did you used virtual instruments?

Hi NathanBros thanks! so real acoustic guitar picking, and acoustic guitar lead section, otherwise various vsti’s cheers, Matterson