Here are CUBASE 6 WALLPAPERS to you by Tommy Dee

I made a Cubase 6 wallpaper for you all. I hope you like it.

Link (1920x1200px):

Link (1920x1080px):

-Tommy Dee

PS: Ask me for modifications:

Tits bro ty.

Spent 2 hours of making it, since I think we all need one :slight_smile: Great the you like it. Spred it forward :wink: I’ll do some variations also if ppl want.

Yep, and I also removed the annoying “Advanced Music Production System”-text. It has to be plain and simple, right.

I wouldn’t mind a black bg if it looks good

Bro, I’ll do it right away. 5 minutes…

Aloha T,

Looks great!

Look like if it had six strings on it, I could play it like a Cubase 6 guitar.


I appreciate your time ty.

Bold and powerful!

Thanks for taking the time to make this.

HERE YOU GO (black background):

Link (1920x1200px):

Some nice stony surface shading added to this one also.

-Tommy Dee


Another one:

Link (1920x1200px):

-Tommy Dee

And a regular one:

Link (1920x1200px):

-Tommy Dee

C’mon folks, donwload these. That’s an order! :mrgreen:

This one is awesome man!..Great Job!

Thanke mate,

The black one is nice to have! Although I would like the original Cubase 6 logo better :wink:

This is too playful :wink:

I agree. That one might not look nice to everyone. I also prefer pretty basic one. That was just for those who like a bit more drastic looks.

But tell me exactly how you want to look it like and I’ll do it for you (and everyone else also). Including myself :laughing:

Isn’t this one basic enough: ?? Or should it be black? \m/

EDIT: Oh yes, you said it pretty explicitely :laughing: But if I change the BG color to black, is there something else you’d like to have for the BG image? Maybe the actual logo a bit more transparent (not so bright or bigger or anything? I’ll do it, no probs. But I recommed not including that text “Advanced Music Production System” since it’s only a commercial :wink: a REAL Cubase user needs no ego-boosting!!! :laughing:

Sorry but haow is possible to change the wallpapers in Cubase? thank

These are for your desktop only. Cubase has no “wallpaper”

A ok thank you