Here is a positive statement between all the negative

Ha, you must be my age! Same recording history here: 4 track and 8 track tapedecks, poor quality buzzing and hizzing analog gear, Atari and Pro24 and since then Cubase. I think nobody who doesn’t know about the problems and difficulties of recording and mixing with analog gear that cost 1O times the price of a modern DAW and has 5% of its features and power can imagine the frustration we had. So I am really happy with Cubase even if it has some minor flaws.

Hey, man, while us old guys are braggin’ I’ll just add that I made my first recordings on a Weber WIRE recorder! Remember how incredibly fine the wire was, and when the brakes didn’t work right, you ended with a lap full of tangled, useless, shiny rat’s nest? It was real easy to diagnose, more touchy to fix, and yields priceless memories. :exclamation:

I’m having a couple of Cubase interface glitches now AND I’m making the best recordings of my life, and having great fun doing it. They may not be comparable to yours but I’d put them up against the best commercial recordings of my genre from a few years back. Couldn’t be doing that without the features and support provided by Steinberg.

Many thanks!

You can really say that knowing they dropping VST 2.4 percent?
ALthough I use Cubase a lot and am happy with it, mostly - i have a lot of concerns too… things that IMHO shoudn’t be concerns because of that I would question which purchases I make with this company…

Cubase 8.5 works well and seems to meet my needs. I took a few years off from Cubase and used another product but came back and am happy I did. I like the simple interface and it has enough tools for me accomplish what I want to. It is especially helpful to have recording, midi editing and wave editing operate in a relatively seamless manner. I also like having the" major" updates on a yearly basis and bug fixes, minor updates on an occasional basis during the year.

Thanks Steinberg,

Yeah. I’m new to Cubase, but I’m super impressed. I’ve worked with probably half of the major DAWs and spent significant time in Ableton Live, Studio One and Samplitude. For my purposes in Cubase, I wouldn’t rather be in any other DAW right now. I would call myself a power user with Live, so I’ll still be doing composition in there, but there are so many times when I encounter a feature in Cubase that’s geared toward creating a workflow that suits you, and I think to myself, damn I don’t want to work without this ever again. I see that a common theme on these forums is people switching to Studio One and coming back to brag about how much better it is. It’s not. I switched to Cubase from Studio One. Ever since the 3.2 feature updates Studio One is absolutely full of problems, and every new update they whack-a-mole one problem just for a new one to pop up. When I close the book on the projects I was doing in Studio One, that’s it for me. I’ll sell my license and not think twice.

That said, Cubase was very finnicky when I was just getting set up with it, but after I got everything configured and all my VSTs scanned and organized, it hasn’t crashed, frozen or failed to do what it’s supposed to do a single time.

All software has it’s issues, so I’m not going to be naive here. However, I stick with the software that works for me. Cubase has the perfect set of tools for what I do.

I cannot see myself ever changing DAWs, maybe skip a few versions here and there, but I feel very comfortable using it. After a certain decade of so of investment of time, it makes no sense to change. Appreciate what you have, and use it to be creative and happy.

Cubase all the way for me as well…but…I find myself using v7.5 (32bit) even with 10yr old vsts on win 7 64 …I’m also running Cubase 8 and 8.5 (both 64bit) and I find no major improvement in cpu usage, and in addition, I get audio crackling and dropouts when using the midi / audo tools (Scissors, Select,etc)…I guess this somewhat of a gripe, but I wouldn’t switch from Cubase! (I also own Halion 5, GA4, etc…)

The only thing I can add to the list is sound on sound tape machines, but up against that wire recorder I just feel like a newbie. :slight_smile:

I love the whole “let’s emulate tape / vinyl because older == better!” thing. If a cute girl is asking, I’m all for the older == better stance, but not when it comes to audio tech. If digital had come before analog, the Internet would have exploded with complaints about loss of dynamic range, a horrendous noise floor and all of the joyous little warbles and blips of tape. And that’s before you have to edit with a razor blade (although they did come in handy for other things), align / demagnetize / replace tape heads or come back after lunch to find your tape machine has eaten your tape. I don’t miss those days even a little.

I’ve been through Pro Tools, Logic, Cakewalk / Sonar and Nuendo before finding a home with Cubase. There’s no such thing as perfect software or a computer that can’t screw up the best of days, but I find Cubase to be the pick of the litter. Honestly, they all do pretty much the same thing these days, but it’s the one that’s been the most stable and usable for me. Also impressed with Yamaha / Steinberg hardware, which is a nice little bonus.

And I’m still running 7.0 because there’s really nothing in the 8.x releases that would make much of a difference for me. They’re in a tough spot trying to come up with annual enhancements worthy of major upgrades because it’s already so feature rich.

been away from the forum for a while cos cubase has been quite good -allows me to get on with stuff - good tool